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Name: The Monsterran Hive, The Swarm

DATE OF FOUNDING: Billions of years ago.


Aleen: black armored, humanoid bipedal creatures. The are Fairly intelligent.


Drea: humanoid, bypedal scorpoions.

(more to come)


The entire Swarm is run by a Queen. The swam operates mostly in a hive mind mentality, but each larger force has its own lesser leader, a General. The Genrals and Worker Elites only answer to the Queen. The Swarm's population constantly aims to infest a planet, its population is almost totally one big military.  

FLAG: (basically a link to your flag or symbol for your empire)

MOTTO:  "Infest, reproduce, destroy."

CAPITAL: Sweerk.The capital and largest city has a hive of around 800 Million to a Billion members. It is under and on a once huge city that is now abandoned and somewhat ruined.

SUB CAPITALS: (If you have any sub capitals, perhaps for very large empires or in this case perhaps your capital in Ancerious)

LARGEST CITY: Sweerk. It is on the planet Sweerk, the birth place of the First Queen. The city is a supermassive colony.

OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: Aleenian: it is mostly heard as hissing, growling, schreeching and such, by human ears.


GOVERNMENT TYPE: Hive Mentality. The Swarm is ruled by the Queen, as the ultimate leader. Under her, are the Generals and Worker Elites as the most experienced and respected members of the Swarm. The Generals and Worker Elites make up the Grand Council in case the Queen is unavailable.


The Sawrm in itself is a military foce, having tens of trillions of active troops at any given time, in a dozens of groups.

The troops use there extremely sharp and dence teeth/fangs and talons/claws to tear into steel with ease and use ther tail as blunt weapons or to pierce or slice into the enemy. Other troops use the immense strenght and durability to destroy massive buildings or ram reinfoced bunker walls. Other troops use hightly acidic saliva, corrosive gas attacks, ot hightly potent poisons, while others again use the sky to wreck havoc. Some troops use bio organic energy attacks or use other hand held weapons.  

For interplanetary transportation It mostly uses massive ships, and large dropships or pods for its troops and has many million superdimension carriers/warships. The Ships are mostly organic or techno-organic but they make use of fintional non organic ships or very large size. Ship weapons are either techo organic or non organic.

RELIGIOUS BELEIFS: (is your empire religious? If so what religion? How do they worship it? Word of warning, we do not allow ‘real world’ religions into Ancerious due to past problems with players


They do not use money in the way others would. They however have a basic trading system with ally Empires.


Worker class: they are the builders, techs, scientists, traders, and the like. While very important in many ways, the worker class are often looked down by the Soldier class for not being fighters.

Soldier/warrior class: The warriors, pilots and leaders are in this group.

Royal class: The queen, her many servants, members of the Royal Guard and very high ranked leaders are part of this class.


The Swarm is nomadic in a way, like locusts. They scout a planet, and if it is favorable to them, they try to invade it, colonize and destroy other civilisations. Once all resources are totally warn out, they usually more on. In rare cases, the Hives set up massive colonies for themselfes.


The Swarm desires to destroy and invest other worlds. They however respect only there own ally empires in terms if not colonizing.


The Swarm's tech is based on destroying. They lack many kinds of advanced tech, focusing on only a few kinds of tehcnological adcancements. They employ bio-energy based weapons. armor is mostly a form of dence 'kitton-like armoring with is mostly used on ships, they have very basic understanding of medicine. Energy and power is from certain energy based workers, or slaves who 'donate' bio energy or energy. Cusctution is also very promitive in general. Only reserch and production facilities and ships are advanced in terms of construction. (they are around as advanced as normal research and air craft or ship production facilities) and only the (space)ship building is advanced to a fairly modern level (some 2020-2410 AD.)


The Swarm was originally the result of enhanced and soon bio engineered beasts that the Cyberran Empire collected over time from different worlds. The Hive excaped most of the labs and was also let loose on quite a few planets of the Andromeida and Milky Way Galaxy. The evolving class of the workers, started taking over the planets, by having the Soldier class, sweep across and destroy the whole planet. once  destoyed, the workers took over the remaining useful tech and places (useful for them) and made massive colonies for themselfs. The early generations however where living in constant anarchy. somewhat later, the Hive scientists bio engeneered a Queen for the growing Swarm. After the Qenn took control and made 'order' in the Swarm. The real era of destruction and expansion started. Sometime later, the Hives started attacking Cyberran and other future ally Empire planets.  This caused great tension between 'creator' and 'creation' witch would soon lead to war. Later, After a long, bloody and hard war, where both the Exterran Empire and Cyberran both suffered sevierly to the point of nearly being wiped out. Monsterrn Empire (the Swarm) made uneasy peace with the Exterran Empire and later, the Cyberran empire. They where fortuant to be the very very few to have survived the swarm's constant expansion.

Somewhat later, the swarm first encountered resistance from the Grand Coalition. Over time the they had quite a few terrible wars with different Empires of the Grand Coalition, many of with where unable to survive against the terrible and greatly overwhelming enemy.

The lastest war has been on and off for over 6000 years. Sometime in the mid 22nd century, it took a nice part in the War against Terra, Rautaan and the Sikkat Udeem system. As an outcome, all empires where badly effected, even the Swarm was battered harshly.  


ANTHEM: (Whats the anthem of your nation? A song on youtube with a link or something you made yourself up?)

GENERAL AFFILIATIONS: The Exterraan-Cyberran-Monsterran Trinity

ALLIES: Its greatest and most powerful allies:

The Exterraan Empire

The Cyberran Collective.

ENEMIES: Its gretest and most powerful enemies.

The Coalition of Systems

The Hunters

The Centaruu

Picikaan System


(more info comeing soon)


Apart from the Exterrn and Cyberran empires... only the Core members of the Grand Colaition of System ever manged to survive being targetted by the Swarm. It overran and wiped out many many far more advanced civilisations then itself.

ANY OTHER MAJOR INFO POINTS ABOUT YOUR EMPIRE: (Essentially anything we have missed? Or anything you wish to add? Remember the more the better, this could be virtually anything)
NAME:  Ona'va
AGE: 8 Billion 800 million earth years old.
GENDER: Female
PLACE OF ORIGIN: classified
SPECIES: Altered Alien
D.O.B: classified
FIGURE: Fairly tall and fairly muscular, fairly ripped.
HEIGHT: 5 feet 10 inches
WEIGHT: classified
SKIN TONE: slightly tan
HAIR: long and naturally white.
EYES: naturally yellow, but can be changed to brown.
APPEARANCE: Ona'va has 2 sets of arms right under each other, 6 feet long cat-like tail thats covered in short black fur, cat-like ears on her head also covered in short black fur, naturally yellow eyes, long and slightly visible canine teeth. She has several alien symbols along her spine.
UNIQUE FEATURES: 4 arms, cat-like ears and long cat-like tail.
AFFILIATION: Grand Coalition of Systems
OCCUPATION: Ona'va had or has several jobs: Singer/musician and song writer, owner of Star Industries,  Collector of rare items/objects/things, Member of the High Guard . Several Terra jobs includes: Formerly MI5 agent, MI6 agent, CIA agent (further info is classified at this point), US Secret Service.
RANK/TITLE: Princess
TRANSPORTATION: Quite a few air and ground vehicles and her space ship.
WEALTH: Very wealthy. Grained from extensive Conglomerate.
POWERS/ABILITIES: (will be written soon)
EQUIPMENT: Her space ship, Techno-Organic Armor, several other power armored suits, bladed weapons, energy based weapons and others.
SKILLS: Extensive skills in languages (fluently speaks some 5 thousand languages), martial arts (Master of over 900 martial Arts), military (was trained in the military of over 8500 different races) ,
WEAKNESSES: Classified
LIKES: Music, learning new languages, her palace and grounds, her home planet, others
DISLIKES: (info will be written later)
FEARS: Her greatest fear is that her best Friend, Gre'tta, might die or go MIA. Another great fear is Museum Planets being taken over by the enemy or destroyed. She also fear is loosing Star Industries.
GOALS: After so so many years alive, she dose not have many goals, as she did almost everything she wanted.
PERSONALITY: Because of her extremely long live she dose not care about many things. She is lightly uncaring about even other people, and even pretty rude at times and arrogant. She however has great respect for several people, including her close friend, Empress Gre'tta. She really loves singing/touring and growing her business. Ona'va also finds happiness in collecting and learning new things.
HISTORY: Ona'va was born 8 billion 800 million years ago on Birasoot, (Okrela Tutas System), in a very distant galaxy.  As a teen, she was taken from her home world, and lived on large ship for a short time. Not much is know about her until a few centuries later, when she was experimented on and tortured. She managed to escape, destroying the base, and roamed the starts aimlessly for centuries. It was while traveling around, when she started her business: Star Industries. A few million years passed and she needed some other thing in her life other then her growing business. It was at this time when she started singing, and decades later started singing on stages finally. This started her extremely long carrier in the music industry. It was also the start of being trained by the military of several allies. This would be followed by many more different allies, and even several neutral races.  Another few centuries pass, and after seeing her planet almost totally destroyed, she started collecting. As the Collector, she visited and even lived on many planets, moons and stars. Soon her collection ship, was too crowded, and used one of the planets that she found earlier, for her still small collection. As the millions of years passed, her company grew along with her collections. Soon needing to terraform other planets, as time passed.
Later on, she won the right to rule over the growing Possoren Empire, and ruled for many million years.
It was at this time when she met a young Princess Gre'tta and soon they became good friends. Over a century later, her business (with other businesses) started getting contracts from Empress Gre'tta.    
Much later, on one of her leaves from the throne, a rival claimed the throne, starting a 10 thousand year long war against the Rautaan Empire. On Arrival, Ona'va fought and killed her rival and retook the throne, ending the war. She named the new leader of the Possoren Empire and agreeing to be integrated into the Rautaan Empire, helping in the forming of the Grand Coalition of Systems.
After this settled down for a few decades on Rautaan. She however kept collecting (but for much shorter time then she used to), vanishing for days and weeks at a time, and was also training and learning new languages, cultures and sciences, while advising and protecting the High Empress.
Even before, meeting Gre'tta and forming the Grand Coalition, Ona'va fought in many many wars, and this was no different afterwards. She however also started hunting individuals for pure thrill, but set a moral standard for herself.  
Much later on , she visited Terra for the first time. Collecting, from the planet, she also reluctantly attacked it, greatly damaging the local lifeforms, but saving the planet from being invested with an extremely aggressive, mindless culture. Later on, she would settle down on Terra for some time. This lasted from around 5000 BC local year. In the late 2010's they where willingly exposed to the locals of Terra. Sometime later, Terra was attacked by a larger invasion but it was fended off. Ona'va stayed until the early 2290's and that, she left Earth permanently.
She would soon have to return to Terra, to help defend against a second massive Invasion, but the invasion was also against planet Rautaan, but a larger diversion was aimed against her now very massive collection on her Collection Planets.
Fending off the collective attack of quite a few enemy races, Ona'va is currently living either on Rautaan or Terra.

(will be written soon)
Princess Ona'va

All characters, places, names, everything belongs to me: DavidAlpha.

One of my friends was actually the inspiration to write this char. Enjoy. 



No journal entries yet.


Call me David or Dave. 'Nuff Said. :D

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