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The Monsterran Hive
Name: The Monsterran Hive, The Swarm
DATE OF FOUNDING: Billions of years ago.
Aleen: black armored, humanoid bipedal creatures. The are Fairly intelligent.
Drea: humanoid, bypedal scorpoions.
(more to come)
The entire Swarm is run by a Queen. The swam operates mostly in a hive mind mentality, but each larger force has its own lesser leader, a General. The Genrals and Worker Elites only answer to the Queen. The Swarm's population constantly aims to infest a planet, its population is almost totally one big military.  
FLAG: (basically a link to your flag or symbol for your empire)
MOTTO:  "Infest, reproduce, destroy."
CAPITAL: Sweerk.The capital and largest city has a hive of around 800 Million to a Billion members. It is under and on a once huge city that is now abandoned and somewhat ruined.
SUB CAPITALS: (If you have any sub capitals, perhaps for very large empires or in this case perhaps your capital in Ancerious)
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Princess Ona'va
NAME:  Ona'va
AGE: 8 Billion 800 million earth years old.
GENDER: Female
PLACE OF ORIGIN: classified
SPECIES: Altered Alien
D.O.B: classified
FIGURE: Fairly tall and fairly muscular, fairly ripped.
HEIGHT: 5 feet 10 inches
WEIGHT: classified
SKIN TONE: slightly tan
HAIR: long and naturally white.
EYES: naturally yellow, but can be changed to brown.
APPEARANCE: Ona'va has 2 sets of arms right under each other, 6 feet long cat-like tail thats covered in short black fur, cat-like ears on her head also covered in short black fur, naturally yellow eyes, long and slightly visible canine teeth. She has several alien symbols along her spine.
UNIQUE FEATURES: 4 arms, cat-like ears and long cat-like tail.
AFFILIATION: Grand Coalition of Systems
OCCUPATION: Ona'va had or has several jobs: Singer/musician and song writer, owner of Star Industries,  Collector of rare items/objects/things, Member of the High Guard . S
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High Empress Gre'tta
NAME:  Gre'tta
CODE NAME/ALIAS: The Grand Ruler
AGE: 5 Billion earth years old.
GENDER: Female
PLACE OF ORIGIN: Rautaan, Capitol of the Grand Coalition of Systems.
SPECIES: Altered Alien
D.O.B: classified
FIGURE: Unusually tall and athletic.
HEIGHT: 9 feet 6 inches
WEIGHT: classified
SKIN TONE: slightly tan
HAIR: short and brown
EYES: brown
APPEARANCE: She's very tall, and somewhat muscular, Gre'tta is fairly ripped, but her body is still feminine. She has brown eyes and short brown hair that just reach he
UNIQUE FEATURES: Unusually tall, only seen either in her armor or very elegant dresses.
AFFILIATION: Grand Coalition of Systems
OCCUPATION: Royalty, ruler
RANK/TITLE: High Empress
TRANSPORTATION: multiple air and ground vehicles and her space ship.
WEALTH: Pretty wealthy. Gained from Taxes.  
POWERS/ABILITIES: Immortality (dose not age and can not die), healing factor, enhanced strength and endurance. Fairly powe
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"My name is Gre'tta, Empress of the Grand Coalition of Systems. Do not let my appearance and calm outlook fool you, we are a proud nation and one that does not tolerate hostile intent. If you wish peace we shall be happy to oblige but if you wish war... so be it.
But know this: should you wish war, the Grand Coalition currently span more then three Galaxies, with many races integrated into it, each with its own powerful military, together forming the Grand Coalition's military.
That being said, we seeks peace over war. For any race that is willing to join, they will be integrated into Grand Coalition.
In wartime and in peace, the Grand Coalition of Systems collectively pools the resources, technology, wealth, best and brightest minds and the military assets of those who are willing to join and prosper."
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